Human eye has 575 mega pixels, lets evaluate the machine video cam which has 1/100th of megapixel count and how fast does it detect

The dateset used in this project has a total of 1376 images having two classified images i.e. with mask and without mask. The goal is to train this images by using Open CV and Harr Cascade along with deep learning — CNN model such that it can detect whether the person in video is wearing mask or not in real time scenario.

Lets look at the steps we will be following for face mask detection.

Image Detection and text conversion using pytesseract and open CV

Computer Vision is an amazing field which can deal with a number of real life problems. Detecting car plates from an image and extracting text from the image can be quite challenging. The dataset used here is an .xml file from harr cascade which is cascade of classifiers. the file can be downloade from this link.

Lets follow the steps to work on number plate detection:-

reading harr cascade xml file

2. Convert the image to gray scale and do contouring to detect number plate in an image by defining width and…

To detect a high speed moving object means having eagles eye precision

When it comes to image processing and video processing a field which is doing great with machine detection is computer vision. It is a field to be fascinated about as it deals with frames of images and videos by means of gray-scaling, contouring, edge detection etc.

Lets work with the car video and capture video frames and detect a moving car by using Open CV in Python

Cab booking is generally a process where renting is automated either by call/ app throughout a city. Using the app its simpler as people can book cab from one location to another location by choosing destination also managing booking is hassle free. For the cab booking app company, understanding the cab supply and demand could increase efficiency of service and enhance user experience by minimizing waiting time.

Lets work on the project objective to combine historical usage patterns along with open data sources like weather data to forecast cab booking demand in city.

Lets look at the steps.

Asteroids in the past have created mass destruction and atmosphere changes on our planet earth. While news keep flashing about the asteroids being just passed the earth, the fear is real as one hit by an asteroid can change everything.

What are asteroids?

These are nothing but rock in space, formed due to explosion that might have happened in sun that exist anywhere in galaxy. Some asteroids are big enough to have moons orbiting. They usually move around sun.

Orbit of an asteroid is computed by finding the elliptical path around the sun which is predicted by observation. By knowing…

Our activities define many things its just not related to external growth and success, but also our internal organ health depend on what are our habits. So eat healthy, stay fit and be happy !

Knowing about various parameters of heart rate monitoring for predicting Heart Attack.

  1. Cholesterol: — Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the blood. Body needs cholesterol for building healthy cells. Two types of…

Networks are like that group of people who share knowledge for the development of society, knowledge can be used for both benefit and destruction and hence its protection is what security is but there’ s always a group which wants benefits and gains and ready to cause destruction, an ambush of such intensity can create vengeance of destruction of everything. Even in terms of physics : there is nothing in the universe which is safe, even the universe at some point will come to an end(vulnerable)- but there’s always ways to reduce the intensity of vulnerability.

There are some International…

A new infection based on SARS Corona virus is indeed deadly originated in Wuhan, China and spreading to other parts of world.


2019-nCoV is a beta corona virus, like MERS and SARs, all of which have their origins in bats.

This dataset has daily level information on the number of affected cases, deaths and recovery from 2019 novel coronavirus.

The data is available from 22 Jan 2020.


From WHO— On 31 December 2019, WHO was alerted to several cases of pneumonia in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. The virus did not match any other known virus. …

“Sentiments are always difficult to understand but easier to express, an expression which can help to know many things about state of mind”

Our actions and emotions are based on the thought process and state of mind, whether depressed, angry or sad. Our opinions and choice of words in discussion are most of the times based on our sentiments.

By analyzing sentiments much of the human behaviour can be understood as well to some point can predict early signs of depression.

For doing sentiment analysis following steps should be followed : →

Because analysis without procedure is like working without knowing


Dataset is taken from the research paper…

Technology and Networks are expanding at an extremely fast pace. Network revolution 2.0 means more interconnected edge devices signifying more checkpoints for potential loop hole seekers. Intrusion in any sense can cause huge damage not only to economy but also to development and growth.

“Network is like well prepared delicious lunch box, the more it is exposed to masses the more you are vulnerable to compromise of getting nothing”

Securing the networks consists of few standard techniques to protect data from access which is unauthorized-

1)Identification- Every system should have secure access, for that password, user id or some kind…

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